Mischief on the Farm

The Adventures of Jenny, Joy, and Jay

by Jennifer L. Beauchamp

8.5 x 11, 98 pages, soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9840431-0-1

Price $19.95


A collection of real life children’s stories from the adventures that three lively children,
Jenny, Joy, and Jay experienced on their grandparents’ farm in Indiana. Under the
watchful eye of their parents, they also learned some valuable lessons along the way.
With a big red barn and acres of farmland to explore with cornfi elds, woods, and a
creek, there was never a shortage of mischief to go around.

“Shaking Up Sugar”
Three bored children—a startled horse and a big explosion…
Lessons learned by all.

“Monster in the Haymow”
Everyone is trembling—there’s a monster in the haymow…
Will Dad have to pull the trigger to save them all?

A game of silent stalking in a thick blanket of snow…
Who is the face behind the mask?



If you love reading and want to instill it in your children, put Mischief on the Farm in their hands! Jennifer
Beauchamp has crafted a delightful story from her childhood in the 1960s that reveals an authentic view of Indiana farm
life, freedom of childhood days, and the feelings of a sensitive and independent girl.
~ Ethel Lee-Miller, author Thinking of Miller Place: A Memoir of Summer Comfort

The action and lessons learned in each story leave the reader longing to discover what mischief Jenny will lead Joy and
Jay into next. Jennifer’s stories describe experiences and characters which readers of all ages will enjoy!
~ Christopher Taylor, Director, Children’s Ministries Christ Community Church

These heartfelt pieces will appeal to young readers, especially those who may never have experienced life on a farm.
~ Samuel E. Turner, M.Ed.

Mischief on the Farm allows me to experience a rural America I was never able to witness as a youth. Jennifer
eloquently and generously shares her childhood experiences with her readers.
~ Tim L. Boyd, Administrator, Family Life Academy School


The book is available directly from the author at her website –www.jenniferbeauchamp.com

For more information, or to order copies of the book, please contact the author at contact@jenniferbeauchamp.com


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