Ed's Odyssey

by Major Edward E. Boyles. Ret.

6 x 9, 184 pages, soft cover

ISBN 978-0-615-46961-4

Price $16.95

Ed Boyles has lived an All-American life – from traveling by covered wagon, to serving his country in World War II, and retiring in beautiful Arizona. His Army career included the usual training, combat, promotions and much more. As a special agent of the Army’s elite CounterIntelligence Corps, he investigated rogue officers, intercepted Japanese-American traitors, guarded nuclear weapons, debriefed Westerners who had been ousted from Communist China, and checked the security of Army offices at home and abroad.
After being wounded in the decisive battle of Leyte in 1944 and contracting polio, he fought to remain in the Army, and later fought post-polio syndrome. He retired as a major in 1958, and soon signed up for a second 21-year career in civil service, most of it spent as chief of security and intelligence at an Army fort in Southern Arizona.

With a generous dose of humor and a complete recall of details, Ed Boyles tells the story of his odyssey – with its dangers and losses, as well as its adventures and triumphs.


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