Praise God for a Hurrah from Heaven

by Helen Dunn

5.5 x 8.5, 360 pages, soft cover


Price $18.95

Praise God for a Hurrah from Heaven is a rousing three-fold cheer for the evidence of things not seen; Christian faith embued with power.

Helen Dunn continues her memoir of life in India, including the jungle ministry of her missionary parents. Father is still joyfully and prayerfully hiking or bicycling across rice fields to bring the Good News to humble villagers... some of these folk are daring to respond even in the face of bitter opposition. Mother adjusts to her own realities – king cobras in the side yard, opium smugglers in the kitchen, country women who wonder why she is championing a girl-child who has no name.

The dramatic lives and work of missionary colleagues and Indian evangelists celebrate the Lord Jesus and his saving love for all... outcastes, aborigines, and girls who actually join the boys in one-room village schools; members of that criminal tribe called Thugs; the beautiful daughter of a wealthy lawyer who is willing to relinquish all privilege to follow her Saviour and Lord.

Draw close to God with these magnificent steadfast Christians, and rejoice with the angels.

The author was born in India and educated in the system established throughout the British Empire by Cambridge University for its overseas schools and colleges. In America she met and married a young pastor, and for nearly sixty years shared his ministry. They have five children and six grandchildren.


The book is available directly from the author.

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