Through a Child's Eye

Five Years Under The Swastika

by Frits Forrer

6 x 9, 420 pg, soft cover

ISBN 0-9714490-0-7

Price $19.95

In Five Years Under the Swastika Frits Forrer has given us a nostalgic and thoroughly unconventional look at WAR, through the eyes of children. Not the politically correct view mind you, of war as the endless honor that it can be, but a refreshing alternate truth that reminds us of childrens' tendency to find even difficult times exciting and memorable.

Frits' characters are not so innocent that they cannot fear or hurt. But they also are not so terrified and cynical that they cannot see the humor, and even the fun, in their situation.

An unusual coming of age story to be sure, but one that reminds us of the resiliency of youth and mankind in general. A series of childish adventures and lucky breaks gives us a generation who understands that life is constructed of many things, not all pleasant, but all exciting and useful if only we have the spirit to take them in our stride.

So-if you want to never be able to look at war in quite the same way again, open this book and get to reading. I assure you that you will be the better for it.


The book is available directly from the author.

For more information, or to order copies of the book, please contact the author at or
Fax 850—916 1861


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