The Golden Pig

El Cochino de Oro

by Frits Forrer

6 x 9, 320 pg, soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9714490-8-4

Price $19.95

The Golden Pig (El Cochino de Oro)  is Frits Forrer’s third murder mystery and probably his best one to date.  It describes the tremendous drug problem in our country and the unbelievable amounts of money associated with it.
Let’s hope a TV or movie company will pick up this work immediately and turn it into a real action movie.  The story warrants it.  320 pages of great reading.

When brothers Fred and Ted Van Dijk stop by the Golden Pig, a New York Spanish Harlem bar, to pay their respects to an old friend and have a couple of beers they unwittingly become involved in a police raid and eventual involvement in an international drug smuggling operation.

Frits Forrer’s The Golden Pig: El Cochino de Oro, will keep mystery lovers glued to their seats as they try to keep up with the wacky, middle-aged, beer guzzling Dutchmen in their pursuit to assist federal authorities in dismantling one the world’s largest drug cartels.
–Art Giberson, Gulf Coast Authors

Forrer weaves a fascinating story around the battle by the FBI, CIA, Bureau of Customs, and local Law Enforcement Agencies with the unscrupulous members of the drug cartels on two different continents.  Assassinations, called for by the drug lords as if they were ordering pizza, are a dime a dozen and exciting aircraft chases make this book a great thriller with a most surprising ending.
As in his previous books, (6) the author displays a great sense of humor, sprinkled throughout the story while the suspense keeps building all the time.
–Gulf Breeze News


The book is available directly from the author.

For more information, or to order copies of the book, please contact the author at or
Fax 850—916 1861


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