Thunderclouds Over America

by Frits Forrer

6 x 9, 310 pages, soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9822207-2-6

Price $19.95

“Allah be praised. Today is a glorious day for the State of Islam. Today Allah has eliminated two of our greatest enemies, the presidents of the United States and Israel.
They are now in the presence of Satan, where they belong. Hundreds of thousands of infidels had a taste of hell while the City of Houston burned and the town of Lake Charles turned into a fireball.
But we want the whole world to know that we are not a group of murdering fanatics! No, we offer the teachings and the blessings of Islam to everyone who wants to convert and embrace the writings of Mohammed in our Quran.
As you have learned today, we can reach every corner of the world, and we are now in control, with the help of Allah, of the entire universe.
We have two immediate demands: First, all Jews must immediately leave Palestine, now known as Israel, and all detainees must be released from that devil’s island Guantanamo.
If these demands are not met, other big cities in England and America will feel the same wrath of Allah as those cities in Texas and Louisiana.
Let us now give thanks and praise to the Benefactor of us all, Allah.
Brothers, Salaam.”

–Osama bin Laden

A chilling projection of horrific events to come!
–Gulf Breeze News




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