At the Saber's Edge

by Paul Hathaway

6 x 9, 586 pages, hardcover with jacket

ISBN 978-0-9840669-1-9

Price $30.00

The story continues from Book 1, Treasures of the Pimeria Alta. The setting is 1887 in the Arizona territorial town of Harshaw near the Mexican border. The old timer, Jack McAllister, finds himself recovering from a serious beating doled out behind the Durazno Bar after a winter afternoon of drinking and playing poker. Later, Jack learns that his old friend, Marco Vásquez, is in town to help him retrieve the “Escondida Treasure” they left hidden for themselves in the Patagonia Mountains 34 years earlier. He and Marco return to Jack’s secret camp hidden deep in the mountains to recover their huge treasure of Spanish gold and silver. There gun battles erupted and the hand of fate awaits them.

Book 2, At the Saber’s Edge, also deals with an earlier part of Jack’s life. During this time he finds himself dangerously entangled in two wars, the American Civil War and the French invasion of Mexico. Jack is asked by his politically powerful Southern family to help them during the Civil War. In addition to being a successful mining engineer and an extremely wealthy Mexican businessman with large holdings in England, Jack becomes an arms dealer for the South. He is well connected and deals directly with Jeff Davis, President of the Confederacy, members of the House of Commons in England, and with Benito Juárez, President of Mexico. Jack’s bold moves in England also instigates a meeting with Prime Minister Lord Palmerston and Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria. Jack’s exciting life is filled with intense action, unexpected turns, politics at the highest levels, humor and tragedy.


About the Author

Paul Hathaway writes about what he enjoys–fascinating history, interesting places around the world, the military and politics. Paul and his wife Earlene are world-wide travelers and life-long ranchers in southern Arizona. At one time their ranch stretched almost five miles directly along the Mexican border where the two nations were separated only by a five-strand barbwire fence. They have dealt directly with the problems of illegal immigration, vandalism, drug smuggling and the associated nuances of living on the international border.

Paul has an engineering degree from the University of Arizona. He worked on projects for the U.S. Army at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, from the Viet Nam War era until the end of the Cold War. He travelled extensively to perform his work.

At the Saber’s Edge is Paul’s second published book.


The book is available directly from the author.

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