A Canadian Family

by Douglas W. Huestis

7.5 x 9.25, 236 pg, soft cover

LCCN: 2006907267

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From the Preface

This book was put together between 2002 and 2006. It started with my desire to record what I could remember about my father and mother, then expanded to include my own life. After that my stepmother entered the picture, then the ancestry of the four lines that converged to produce Rosemary and me, and some documentation left by my father in the form of a diary and a series of letters.

I haven’t tried to blend all this into a single story, but kept the various phases as separate parts, with some overlapping. The coverage is uneven because the records are. There is more about the Huestises than about the Browns, Hindes, McCauleys, Sheas, Cullinans, or Colfords. That partly reflects the existing records; the Huestises have been in America for some twelve generations, the others have not. And, of course, I know more about my own history.

My aim is to produce an account that will give our descendants an idea of where they came from. Few of them have more than a vague notion. Perhaps they won’t really be interested. That’s their privilege. When I was young and my parents would start reminiscing about their families, I would shut my ears. I was interested in the future, not some musty old ancestors. Now I wish I had listened and made notes. If our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews remain ignorant of their ancestors, it won’t be my fault.

Family is the most important binding force among humanity, more so than race or nationality because it can and does cross those boundaries. Our family came from England, the United States, Ireland, Scotland, France, the Netherlands, Newfoundland (which was not always a part of Canada) and Canada. Quite a blend. If any of you who read this book become interested in your genealogy, perhaps you will be able to correct some of my errors and add data to the record. Please do so. And remember, everyone has a story to tell. I encourage you to write your own stories.

–Douglas W. Huestis, Tucson, 2006


The book is available directly from the author.

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