A Path to Liberation

by Bob Hunt

8.5 x 11, 64 pg, soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9700423-2-3

Price ??

Praise for Retired

Hypnotic . . . profound . . . extraordinarily entertaining.
- The Liberated Weekly

At last I understand what was previously not understandable.
- Sasha Darbyshire

“This book inspired me to abandon my nowheresville job of 37 years and, before it was too late, to explore in detail
secrets lurking beneath the surface of ordinary life.”
- Woody Nurske

“After reading RETIRED! I fell on the floor and collapsed into uncontrollable laughter.”
- Monika Vasilescu

If you read just one book about retirement, be sure to read RETIRED! Otherwise, you’ll miss out on absorbing
revelations destined to transform humanity.
- Leno Thwacker



The book is available directly from the author.

For more information, or to order copies of the book, please contact the author at


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