A Love Letter to My Children

by Sheila Sullivan McIntyre

7.25 x 10.25, 168 pg, hard cover


Price NA

Dear Colin, Catherine and Ryan,

This is the story of my life before you were born and the stories of my Iowa family whom I loved and admired beyond measure. Many had died by the time you came along and the others lived too far away for you to know them well. But they are the people who formed me, and in turn, formed you. They were (and are) a brave, bright, funny, irreverent bunch—but most of all, they were a family who, throughout their lives, loved and supported each other unconditionally and steadfastly. For these reasons, I have written down their stories and mine so that this special heritage—your heritage—will be remembered. I pass it on to the three of you with great admiration for the adults you have become. You would have made the preceding generations so proud—just as you have made me proud. This is my gift to you, to Ava and Quinn and to grandchildren yet to come.

I give it to you with all my love,

(Sheila Kelly Sullivan McIntyre)
Christmas, 2006


This book was produced for distribution within the family.

For more information, or to request availability of the book, please contact the author at ghostriverimages.com.


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