Boy Pioneer of the American West

by Myrtle Nord

5.5 x 8.5, 140 pg, hardback and 132 pg, softcover

ISBN 0-9778829-4-2 (HB) and 978-0-9778829-7-7 (softcover)

Price $20.00 (HB) and $15.00 (softcover)

Can a boy named Kip deal with American pioneer life just because his father, a doctor, brought him and his sister, Nancy, to the American West to live on a homestead?

Not when he wanted to run away!

But now he can’t run away, back to the River Valley, for the Caputa Indians have declared war on the settlers. Thackery Moko, their scout, expects the pioneers to stay and protect their property.

Worse, Kip bragged that he could fight Indians as good as anyone. His father is pledged to watch and guard the ridge of hills while Kip is entrusted with protecting their homestead and to care for Nancy.

So, when confronted by Chinook and injured Little Star, son and daughter of Towering Sage, Chief of the Caputas, Kip has no choice but to help. As Chinook steals his pony, Nemo, and the Indians kidnap his sister, he stands alone to face the problems. A quivering arrow, driven into their door, a hot-headed man, filled with hatred, finding and wearing Thack’s hat leaves Kip exhausted.

He is captured by two young braves, taken to the Caputa camp, only to find Chinook’s friend, Standing Bear, bedridden with a bullet in his shoulder, threatened with death.

Can Kip, longing to return to his old life in the Mississippi Valley, meet the challenge of the yellow feather, symbol of the Caputas, who only want to rid the land they love of these immigrant white pioneers?


The writer of this book, Myrtle Nord, was born and lived on a homestead in the American West prairie. She attended school with Indian children and made friends with some. Her adventure stories have been published widely in magazines, beside her non-fiction pieces of historical interest.

She remembers here the excitement of owning her own pony, and being trusted without doubt.

She has visited Indian camps where sweat baths were conducted and dances for health, rain, peace, harvest, and last but not least, ceremonies for children becoming adults and warriors. She has studied their early tools and weapons, bows and arrows, beaded and feathered clothing, painted bodies and admired their athletic skills.

A devotee of all early settlers of the West, including gold seekers, sheep and cattle barons, she is a champion of American pioneers.

Come with her, meet Kip, and learn about the huge American land to share and love.


The book is available directly from the author.

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