Dawn Lightfoot and the case of Moccasins and Old Papers

by Catherine Paul

5.5 x 8.5, 176 pg, soft cover

ISBN 0-9670006-2-9

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History – Mystery – Culture – Treasure – A Circle as it was in the 1700’s.

Leigh Ann Butler, Dawn Lightfoot and Lady Victoria Maclerie each thought they were the only deaf members of their families. Kateri Cael did not know anything of her biological parents or her heritage until the reading of Sir Malcolm’s last will and testament. What will unfold and who will Sir Malcolm’s Legacy touch in THE CASE OF MOCCASINS AND OLD PAPERS? Come join the investigators and discover secrets long buried and treasure of the past and present in Tucson, Arizona.


From Chapter One

Darkness clothed the new day in secrecy until the first color of the sun appeared over the mountain. Dawn woke up thinking about the beauty of her birth state, Arizona. She envisioned the changing colors of the mountains during the day, the shades of the cactus with the prickly pear fruit, the scent of the desert after a rainstorm and the animals that roamed the desert. She thought of the stories she had heard about the Native American way of life, kept alive in the oral tradition of storytelling, and in her Navajo culture classes.

The rhythm of the drums blended with the Navajo dancers moving in harmony: drums, voices and bodies. Dawn Lightfoot waited with her group to perform the shawl dance at the annual Intertribal Powwow.

She watched the dancers and reflected on her life as a dancer: I began dancing at the age of three at my sister’s side. I passed through the difficult stages of performing, as well as learning to use my hearing aids and eyes to pick up the cues surrounding me like vibrations to alert me to the beat of the drums. I combined my native language, mannerisms, the spirituality of my culture, and the process of understanding my deafness in the Navajo and Anglo world as I grew. I worked at perfecting my footwork and quieting my fear of dancing in front of an audience. Today, I feel honored that my sister, Marilyn, delayed her return to college to assist me with my speech, as I was competing for the title of Intertribal Princess. The tribal elders had provided an interpreter for me for the three days, and Lady Victoria, my new cousin had sent flowers for the pageant. This is a new era. I am Dawn Lightfoot, descended from royalty, Native American and Celtic. I am the new generation of the Diñe, blending the traditions of my heritage with the traditions of the Anglo society. I will always be who I am—Navajo American with Celtic roots.

Review of Catherine Pauls previous book and companion to this volume

WATERVIEW MANOR mixes a touch of the metaphysical with history to create a fine group of likable protagonists who set out to solve the riddle of the “circle as it was.” ARIZONA DAILY STAR


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