by Cathy Star Eagle and Tom Morello

6 x 9, 296 pages, soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9844260-0-3

Price $14.95

“…there was also an area across the street with pine trees and a small clearing. I remember one day we were all playing in that clearing. Suddenly everyone disappeared…”
(Robin’s childhood memory)

“…why, I’m like a magnet for strange things too. Ever since I was a kid, our household was a regular Twilight Zone.”
(Tony’s memory of his family)

Mesa brings together two unforgettable characters–Tony and Robin–who totter on the edge between reality and the metaphysical, the dead and the undead. There are no boundaries in Mesa–only ever-opening doors to perpetual strangeness. Join Robin and Tony on a mystical journey for self-truth and planetary salvation, channeling an extraterrestrial who guides them through remembrance and re-connection. As they experience ghosts and past lives, visit remote southwestern Native American communities and face potential death on roads, in the mountains and on forest trails, Mesa is dedicated to the wonders of the human spirit and strength of the human heart.


About the authors

Cathy Star Eagle’s father had a UFO experience in 1954 which was listed as a Project Bluebook unknown. As a result, Cathy’s interest in UFOs and the paranormal began during her early childhood in Maine. She holds a masters degree in anthropology from Northern Arizona University and resides in Arizona where she continues to pursue research into southwestern archeology, the paranormal, birds and southwestern animals.

Tom Morello has researched UFOs and the paranormal for more than 30 years. As one who’s had UFO encounters from an early age, Tom is always open to paranormal experiences ranging from poltergeists to UFO sightings. He has worked with the organizers of the International UFO Congress conventions for 14 years. Tom currently lives in Arizona where he continues paranormal research.

Currently, Cathy and Tom produce Cosmic Chronicles–a television talk show dedicated to the metaphysical and paranormal.


The book is available directly from the authors.

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