The Scorpion Stings

The Adventures of an Army Wife in Iran

by Shirley Condit Starkey

5.5 x 8.5, 272 pg, soft cover

ISBN 0-9770195-0-0

Price $20.00

The Scorpion Stings is the dramatic account of the life of an army wife whose husband's assignment takes them to Iran during that country's most turbulent period in modern times.


Praise for A Scorpion Stings

The Scorpion Stings by Shirley Starkey is a delightful tale of life in pre-revolutionary Iran as seen through the eyes of an army officer's wife. The trail from initial culture shock through frustration, fear and eventually delight is told with graphic expertise.

Shirley deftly sprinkles humorous incidents in a tale that enables the reader to see and almost taste and smell the musky environment that is Tehran. All of this triggers memories for those of us who have "been there" and will generate amazement in the uninitiated.

A young wife whose husband has to hit the deck running in his assigned duties, is required to do virtually every thing else including homemaking, food purchase and preparation, child care, transportation, scheduling and the hiring of help from a thin and questionable reservoir. Add to this cauldron advanced pregnancy and one begins to appreciate what Shirley Starkey accomplished. Military wives, in my humble opinion, are the un-sung champions of the Department of Defense! Read this book and appreciate what military families face during foreign assignments. It is all here, in charming detail.

Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Jr. Major General, USAF Retired


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