The Inventor’s War

1933-1947 The Durable Ideas and Innovations of World War Two

by Craig Suter

7.5 x 9.25, 570 pages, soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9835274-0-4

Price $39.95

World War II has never been looked at like this. There have been volumes written about World War II. Combat, Personalities, Strategy, Tactics, Weapons, Spies, Civilians, What-ifs. Now there is a book that details how the war has affected our everyday lives. Three hundred fifty essays about WWII creations. How much do you know about the Second World War?


The book is available directly from the author.

For more information, or to order copies of the book, please contact Krieg Books USA, P.O. Box 17833, Tucson, AZ 85731-7833. Copies also available at


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