Brain In Balance


by Fredrick Von Stieff M.D.

5.5 x 8.5, 278 pages, soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9839518-0-3

Price $24.95

Brain in Balance gives insight into how your balance of neurotransmitters influences personality, memory, mood, depression, anxiety, and certain psychological disorders. It also clarifies why people suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism and explains how they can gain permanent relief.

Dr. Von Stieff’s methods of establishing balance in individuals’ neurochemicals have provided record-breaking lasting results for patients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area that have left people wondering — How does he do it?

His answer, “It’s all in the neurotransmitters.”

With this book, his goal is to help medical staff everywhere provide the best treatment possible, and encourage individuals to seek a higher quality of life.


About the Author

Dr. Von Stieff is a recognized expert in the field of chemical dependency treatment. He is a board-certified addictionologist who has successfully detoxified over 20,000 patients in hospital-based programs. He has worked as the Medical Director for three different chemical dependency programs over the course of twenty years and is certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and the California Society of Addiction Medicine. He is currently the Chief Medical Review Officer for the State of California and a legal expert in substance abuse, carrying additional titles in that field.

He comes from humble beginnings in central Nevada and started his higher education at the University of Nevada. He graduated from the University of California Irvine Medical School and then completed a family practice residency at the University of California Davis. He then began working at hospitals in the East Bay of San Francisco, where he not only worked in chemical dependency, but also spent time working as an assistant in both vascular surgery and brain surgery. It was during that time of striving to understand the brain better and working in a chemical dependency program, that he began to develop many new, innovative ideas about detoxification and treatment.

At first Dr. Von Stieff went through a phase of feeling distrust, annoyance, and even anger towards addicts and alcoholics, but he soon realized there was more behind their addiction than just a series of bad life choices. Something else was going on within their brains that provided a further explanation for their actions. After working with these addicted individuals that he once viewed as disgraceful, he found that they actually had a number of reputable qualities such as intelligence, charm, and humor. So what was the difference between them and the rest of society? They just had an affliction – its source being neurochemical, which needed special treatment. They required innovative ways to keep them out of harm’s way and prevent them from losing their lives due to the consequences of some state of mind not in congruence with their character.

Thus Dr. Von Stieff dedicated years to studying the brain’s neurochemicals with the goal of trying to fit a vast puzzle of information about the brain into a recognizable picture that could be used to help these patients. He learned how to utilize mechanisms contained in the workings of the brain, and now with this information, he provides the most cutting-edge and effective treatment for his patients, with lasting results and minimal relapses. After helping thousands of patients each year and educating other medical professionals on the latest methods of focusing on neurochemical balances throughout treatment, Dr. Von Stieff could no longer deny the need to publish a book. It is his desire to assist all to understand the brain and its inclinations a little bit better and to help dissolve the mystery behind addiction and successful treatment.

His passion lies in providing the best service to his patients by continually discovering and refining the most advanced techniques, along with designing medication regimens to make their detoxification as comfortable, quick, and safe as possible. He is driven by his fascination with the brain and his curiosity to learn how it works under different circumstances. As an avid researcher, he has spent years analyzing the brain, trying to assemble a comprehensive and concise explanation for the mechanisms of this dynamic organ. By sharing this knowledge of the brain in practice, he has helped patients and their families to understand how they can succeed in becoming and remaining sober.

Dr. Von Stieff has received many awards for his achievements. He was ranked in the top one percent of doctors in California when San Francisco Magazine designated him as being a “Top Doc.” Seventeen thousand doctors and nurses voted him into that position. Throughout his career of thousands of detoxifications, none of his patients have ever passed away, had a code blue, nor had a grand mal seizure. The Joint Chiefs of Hospital Accreditation recently labeled his work and its success rate as “miraculous.” The examiner making that statement indicated that that was the first time he had ever said that about a physician, his work, and the accomplishments of the unit he directs. Dr. Von Stieff has also won awards in the chemical dependency field locally and has been featured on television to promulgate his ideas on chemical dependency.

When he is not attempting to save the world one person at a time or advancing the field of detoxification, he enjoys working on his ranch with his horses and goats, as well as spending time with his wife and three grown children


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