Beyond Silence

A quiet voice is given expression through poetry

by Tom K. Wagner

5.5 x 8.5, 102 pages, soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9841490-0-1

Price $14.95

We become our experiences as we grow. Everything we do, all that we encounter, our thoughts and memories and dreams are like the ingredients to our favorite recipe. All that we are gets put into the mix to provide the unique flavor for our soul.

Being able to identify both the good and difficult times, and constantly working to improve the relationships with those close to us, defines the completeness of self and becomes a part of this recipe. Strive for balance and come to an understanding within your soul and heart. It should always be the desire to create an uplifting spirit and take the step to higher ground.

Included are many poems that have their spark from within, and many that come from listening to others, put down as clearly as I can. These are from my experiences. Each one of you have your own. Look at them and draw power from them.


About the author

Tom Wagner is an architect, living and working in Phoenix, Arizona. This is his first poetry collection along with sketches he has done.


The book is available directly from the author.

For more information, or to order copies of the book, please contact the author at


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