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Books prepared by Ghost River

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Genre / Subject
64 Crayon Colors Johnson Memoir
Adobe Secrets Porter Short Story Collection
Adventures of Chester, The Graham Childrens Book
All Pretty and Bright Tauber Short Story Collection
All That Is and All That Isn't Norquist Non-fiction
Alphabedders Hector Childrens Book
Alphazoners Hector Childrens Book
Arizona in the 50s Barr Local / Regional History
Art of the Elegant Buffet, The Rifon Cookbook
Atomic Cocktail Party and Trivia Book, The Maxwell Humor / Cocktail Recipes / History
At the Sabre's Edge Hathaway Fiction
Bats, Brawls and Babes Hirsch Fiction
Between Two Rivers Spencer Fiction
Beyond Silence Wagner Poetry
Birding the Santa Monica mountains Haigh Natural history
Black Jack Ketchum Aycock Local / Regional History
Book of Sorts, A Stanfield Childrens Book
Brain in Balance Von Stieff Technical and Professional
Breath of Fresh Air, A Sneller Technical and Professional
Brothers, Forever Forrer Fiction
Cabin Tales Fogarty Fiction
Call Me Elmer Richards Fiction
Canadian Family, A Huestis Family History
Case of the Misogynic Model Murderer, The Hirsch Fiction
Celtic Fire, Desert Rain Johnson Fiction
Chemistry Teacher, The Fogarty Fiction
Chester Defeats the Lake Powell Monster Graham Childrens Book
Chester Saves the Aliens Graham Childrens Book
Cloud Watchers coffey Childrens Book
Corpse in Our Kucina, The Smith Fiction
Curious Kids and the Sioux River Bandits, The Jane Young Adult Fiction
Curse of the Black Mamba Forrer Fiction
Daring Succeed, The Hirsch Fiction
Dark Radiance, A Gentzler Poetry
Dawn Lightfoot and the case of Moccasins and Old Papers Paul Young Adult Mystery
Desert Mornings Walker Short Story Collection
Digging for Bones Matte Poetry
Dilettante Diva, The Hirsch Fiction
Dragon and Hawk Johnson Fiction
Dragon's Blood Johnson Fiction
Drifting in Beauty McCutchen Poetry
Dying to Read Sneller Fiction
Earth Calls Her Children Alcorn Poetry
Echoes of a Love Story Adams Family History
Ed's Odyssey Boyles Memoir
Eugene gifford Grace Porter Biography
Famous Fishing Adventures Estruth Memoir
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Irritable Bowel Penniston Technical and Professional
Fish Fry, The Alcorn Poetry
Five Years Under The Swastika Forrer Non-fiction
Forgive the Unforgivable Thrasher Self-help
Fort Apache Matte Poetry
Fun of Flying, The Forrer Memoir
Gentle Rain, A Gentzler Poetry
Ghost Writer Chronicles, The Farr Family History
Gift, The Bueltmann Childrens Book
Golden Pig, The Forrer Fiction
Grand Canyon Hiking Adventures, South Rim Edition Tomasi Non-fiction
Ground Zero and Beyond Hanson Poetry
Growing Up In Mama's Club Kelly Memoir
HeartChild Irvin Childrens Book
Hidden Treasures of Santa Cruz County Barr Local / Regional History
How to Slay the Worry Monster Sodomsky Technical and Professional
How to Talk and Actually Listen to Your Guardian Angel Wohlenhaus Non-fiction
Indians, Mexicans and Buffalo Soldiers Mahan Local / Regional History
Inventor's War, The Suter Non-fiction
Itty Bitty Birdie Lister Childrens Book
January 5th Ojeda Fiction
John Slaughter Kid, A Barr Local / Regional History
Justice at Timberline Kerr Mystery
Kateri Cael and the Haunted Academy Paul Young Adult Mystery
Kip-Boy Pioneer of the American West Nord Young Adult Fiction
Life Goes On Pope Family History
Little Mischief and a Lot of Love, A Bueltmann Childrens Book
Love Letter to My Children, A McIntyre Memoir
Magical Powers of Lazlo Pearce, The Sneller Fiction
Makeup Book, The Morris Self-help
Marble Wilderness Zeunert Fiction
Memoirs Ross Memoir
Mesa Star Eagle Fiction
Misadventures of an Eccentric Scientist, The Sneller Fiction
Mischief on the Farm Beauchamp Childrens Book
Mold is a Four-Letter Word Sneller Fiction
More Hidden Treasures of Santa Cruz County Barr Local / Regional History
More Tales of My Southwest Williams Local / Regional History
Murder by Electrocution MacCollum Fiction
Murder 101 Nord Mystery
My Journey, So Far Drachman Memoir
My Psychic Search Kushner Non-fiction
Narrowing Gentzler Poetry
19th Century Wisconsin Writer Banks Biography
Observations Nord Poetry
Onalaska Kucera Local / Regional History
Our Lady of Absence Mc Euen Poetry
Out of God’s Closet Uhl Philosophy
Paean to the Earth Williams Essays
Pancho Villa Williams Local / Regional History
Patagonia: The Way it Was Wilson Local / Regional History
Poems For My Lover Estruth Poetry
Praise God for a Hurrah From Heaven Broyles Memoir
Praise God for Rice Roots Broyles Memoir
Preposition the Kitten Kazal Childrens Book
Private War, Personal Victory Kantor Memoir
Profile of a Batterer Weber Technical and Professional
Reaching for a New Leaf Tauber Short Story Collection
Red Roses White Poetry
Retired Hunt Humor / Cartoon Collection
Ride to Devil's Lake, A Kerr Mystery
Right and Wrong, A Useful Fiction Meyer Philosophy
Saylor's Triangle Bieber Fiction
Scorpion Stings, The Starkey Non-fiction
Searcher, The Nord Mystery
2nd Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War, The Mahan Local / Regional History
Secret Mesa Kerr Fiction
Shooter in the Mall, A Hirsch Fiction
Smack Between The Eyes Forrer Fiction
Small Stack of Coppers, A Alcorn Poetry
Spilled Dry River Poets Poetry
Suffering With A Smile Forrer Non-fiction
Sunset on Nautilus Leone Memoir
Sweet and Sour Bartol Short Story Collection
Tale of Two Dogs, A Lenore Childrens Book
Tales of My Southwest Williams Local / Regional History
Tampa Justice Forrer Non-fiction
Tasty Ideas From an Accidental Home Cook Dawson Cookbook
Thrashed Carlisi Memoir
Thunderclouds Over America Forrer Fiction
Tie That Binds, The Hirsch Fiction
Time Zone Sneller Sci-fi
Titan Missile Museum Coloring Book Maxwell Childrens Coloring Book
To All the Men I've Loved Before Lenore Poetry
To Judge or Not To Judge Forrer Fiction
To Kill a Bird Nord Mystery
To Reason Why Alexander Memoir
Tortuga and Mariposa Campas Childrens Book
Treasures of the Sierra Madre Hathaway Fiction
Viewpoints Nord Short Story Collection
Visions Nord Short Story Collection
Waterview Manor Paul Young Adult Mystery
Well God, What Now? Meagher Memoir
What a Seed Needs to Know Van Nostrand Childrens Book
Wine in Ancient Lore and Legend Estruth Non-fiction
World Was My Oyster, The Jones Memoir